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WildCape Manuka Honey

UMF™ 15+ / MGO 514 Manuka Honey

UMF™ 15+ / MGO 514 Manuka Honey

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The Best of Both Honey

Live your active lifestyle to the fullest with our UMF™ 15+ Manuka Honey. It's not just honey—it's your daily ally for holistic wellness. Sourced from the pristine Manuka bush of East Cape, this honey is precisely crafted for those who prioritize both vitality and authenticity. Ideal for those seeking a daily boost, it strikes the perfect balance between our everyday honey and our targeted use honey. Empower your everyday wellness with WildCape's UMF™ 15+ Manuka Honey, designed for you to make the most of every moment.

Recommended uses:

  • Shakes & Smoothies
  • Everyday Energy
  • Natural Health Boost
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