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WildCape Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey Sampler Bundle 17.6oz

Manuka Honey Sampler Bundle 17.6oz

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Discover the essence of East Cape's untouched Manuka bush with our carefully curated UMF™ Manuka Honey Sampler Bundle. Whether you're new to the world of Manuka Honey or a longtime aficionado, this bundle offers a unique tasting journey through the heart of WildCape's premium honey range.

What's Inside:

UMF™ 10+ / MGO 263 Manuka Honey 17.6oz: Your ideal companion for daily wellness, this honey is a harmonious blend of taste and authenticity, designed to complement an active lifestyle.

UMF™ 15+ / MGO 514 Manuka Honey 17.6oz: Striking the perfect balance, this honey is optimized for those who prioritize vitality and seek a daily boost for their health regime.

UMF™ 20+ / MGO 829 Manuka Honey 17.6oz: The pinnacle of our collection, this high-grade honey is packed with nutrients and vitality. Ideal for those aiming for targeted wellness, it's as pure and authentic as nature intended.

Why Choose the Sampler Bundle?

Taste the Range: Experience the nuanced flavors and varying potencies of our most loved Manuka honeys.

Gift of Health: Makes a thoughtful present for those curious about Manuka Honey or anyone keen on enhancing their well-being.

Quality Assurance: Directly sourced from the pristine Manuka bush of the East Cape, New Zealand; every jar embodies WildCape's commitment to pure, premium quality.

Delve into the world of Manuka with the WildCape Sampler Bundle. Each jar not only promises unparalleled quality and taste but also a journey through the untouched corners of New Zealand's East Cape. Experience the natural goodness of Manuka in its purest form, and find your personal favorite with WildCape.

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